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Getting down to brass tacks with DDL

It seems like nearly every day there is a new article or conversation surrounding the trends and implications of a mobile or digital driver’s license.And while this is a subject that we have been talking about for a few years – often times outside of...

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Getting the post-millennials totes stoked about driving again

When thinking about the rites of passage in American culture, few things evoke a universally understood transition from the confines of adolescence to the freedom of adulthood as that pivotal moment of getting your first driver’s license. Countless movies and TV shows have captured this...

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Driving innovations in technology throughout U.S. history

How many people know that the development of the core algorithm behind Google was made possible due to a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1994? Or that the iconic and ever-helpful Siri was acquired by Apple after having been created four years prior...

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