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Coesys Enrollment Kiosks

Our highly flexible kiosk solutions can manage full enrollment and verification services to help to alleviate long lines and wait times.

For states and provinces looking for creative ways to decrease administrative costs and speed up driver’s license issuance, Coesys Enrollment Kiosks are a great way to do so.

Kiosks have proven to reduce enrollment time by up to 60%, which has a significant impact on overall workforce hours and demand.

Our kiosk is a fully automated enrollment station, which captures portraits, single or ten fingerprints, and signatures. Throughout the process, the applicant is guided by a help screen, which tells the applicants what to do, and can make specific adjustment requests (such as to remove glasses or dry a finger), and presents a view of the document for approval at the end of the process.

The enrollment kiosk also creates a stable environment for photography with a uniform background and a camera system that automatically adjusts to the applicant’s height. It is the best solution for taking advantage of the latest improvements in facial recognition technology, as it ensures high-resolution portraits and consistent lighting.

In addition, the enrollment Kiosk is designed to be mechanically robust and suitable for a public environment with daily use.

These kiosks can lower overall agency costs and increase operational efficiency, while also adding convenience and creating happier customers.

Kiosk Video Image


To see the kiosk solution in action, please check out this video highlighting the recent implementation by our parent company, Gemalto, in the Swedish Transport Administration Agency.