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Sealys Color in Polycarbonate

MIDS’ Color in Polycarbonate ID solution features high-definition color photo quality, 10-year card service life, full range of tamper-proof security features, and personalization at your fingertips.

While polycarbonate has been the standard material for producing IDs for many years, new innovation has united the benefits of laser-personalized polycarbonate ID with the detail and richness of color photography. With Sealys Color in Polycarbonate, it is now possible to print a high-resolution color photo directly inside an ID card or passport, delivering an unalterable image without compromising durability or integrity. A few features set this technology apart:

» High-Definition Photo Quality

The most widely used polycarbonate produces only images in black-and-white. But Sealys Color in Polycarbonate uses color in such a high resolution that facial features and skin tones can be recognized with more accurate identification. What’s more, these images are not easily altered, lending an added layer of security against license duplication.

» 10-Year Card Service Life

Polycarbonate has been shown to resist the most extreme thermal and mechanical stress tests, as well as standing up to intensive usage. With a service life of at least ten years, this provides cost-saving benefits to state and provincial governments and time-saving benefits to the citizen.

» Full Range of Tamper-Proof Security Features

To enhance the security of the card, Sealys Color in Polycarbonate can be combined with a range of built-in Level 1 security features that protect against forgery and tampering. The layers then fuse together to form a solid, tamper-proof card securing your citizens’ identities with the added benefit of enhanced durability.

» Learn More

To learn more about our advanced color in polycarbonate offer, please visit our parent company, Gemalto, and read our product white paper about how this breakthrough printing technology provides unprecedented quality and security.